Our Heritage


Our Motto  
Dum Vivimus Vivamus ~ While we live, let us LIVE ~
Our Mission  
Active Ageing/Active Living
Singapore Senior Golfers’ Society’s mission is to promote Active Ageing among its members to lead an Active Living lifestyle participating in golf and golf related activities. Golf is one of the sports that you could play throughout one’s life, regardless of age on social or in a competitive environment.


  • Enjoy the great outdoors with friends
  • Allow greater camaraderie amongst the members
  • Foster and maintain the members' interest in the game of golf and golf related activities
  • Reaching out to all senior golfers'
Our Heritage  

Since April 1968

It has been more than half a century Singapore Senior Golfers' Society was formed!

It all began in April 1968, three golfing buddies, CC Tan, Norman Sutcliffe and Low Kee Pow after their round of golf and a couple of drinks reminiscing about their other veteran golfing friends. They mooted the idea of forming a society for the senior golfers. With this proposition that the society could be a platform for all senior golfers in Singapore to meet regularly through organized friendly matches.

Without delay, on 18 May 1968, 23 veteran golfers met at the main hall of the Singapore Island Club to decide on the future directions on their proposed plan. CC Tan drafted the Rules and Constitution and explained the provisions which were unanimously accepted. Hence, Singapore Senior Golfers’ Society was born!!

CC, as he was affectionately known, was elected as the President, Low Kee Pow, the Honorary Secretary and Norman Sutcliffe, the Captain.

CC served as President until 1973. Under his wise leadership, the Society continued to grow in popularity and stature. In 1973, he felt that a younger senior should take over the helm. He proposed Cheong Wing to be the next President at the Annual General Meeting. Cheong Wing was duly elected in 1973. During Cheong Wing’s term, the membership had grown to more than 200 members.

In 1978, he handed the presidency to CP Tan. The membership grew to just over 500 from 1978 to 1992. In 1992, CP Tan declined the nomination for President for personal reasons. Cheong Wing stepped up and was elected as President. A major change to the Constitution occurred in 1991, in keeping with the international practice, the age for Senior was raised from 50 to 55 years in order to join the Society. Cheong Wing served the Society from 1973 to 1978 and 1992 to 2003.

On the demise of Cheong Wing in 2003, Toh Shung Chee was elected as President. Under his leadership, the Society gained new vibrancy and increased in memberships. In 2010, Toh stepped down due to poor health.

Loh Ah Joo took over the helm as President from 2010 to 2019. During Loh’s tenure, SSGS joined Singapore Golf Association (SGA) as Affiliate Member in 2010. The first Singapore Senior Golf League was organized by SSGS supported by SGA in 2015. In 2019, the SGA Affiliate Membership was converted to Associate Member. This enable the Society to maintain the USGA Handicap for its members and to collaborate with SGA for future activities.

After a decade of active contribution and leadership, Loh stepped down as President. Passing the baton to the present President Loh Kim Chah who was elected in 2019.

Our links go deep and wide within the region.

In 1981, at the annual inter-society match with Malaysia, the notion of forming an association among ASEAN countries was mooted. Events moved swiftly forward. In 1982 Singapore hosted the inaugural ASEAN Senior Golfers’ Championship at the Singapore Island Country Club with participants from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

In 1983, the ASEAN Senior Golfers’ Association was officially formed in Jakarta, Indonesia at the Jagorawi Golf and Country Club. The founder members were Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Philippines and Brunei came onboard in 1986 and 1989 respectively. The ASEAN Senior Golfers’ Association was reconstituted as The Confederation of ASEAN Senior Golfers Association (CASGA) in 1999. The Association comprising of countries in the ASEAN region includes Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Activities within the region

The Society, as a founder member is active with CASGA. The first inaugural ASEAN Senior Golfers Championship in 1982, was hosted by Singapore. The subsequent Championship hosted by Singapore were on: the 3rd (1985), the 8th (1990), the 25th (2008) and the 31st (2014). This is an annual event all member countries look forward with enthusiasm. It is 3 days of golf and social activities with approximately 250 delegates. This golf championship is held once a year on a rotational basis among the member countries.

The Society organized annual inter-society matches and have played with Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Japan. Members of the Society have also participated in various international Veterans/Seniors Championships.

1990 – 8th ASEAN Senior Amateur Championship

1996 – 14th ASEAN Senior Amateur Championship

2008 – Golf Trip to Cheng Du & Chong Qing, China

2014 – Senior Golf Challenge – Ria Bintan

2017 – Golf Trip to Hokkaido, Japan

2018 – 50th Anniversary

2019 – Christmas Medal at SICC Sime Course

2020 – Chinese New Year Lunch

2008 – Mr Toh Shung Chee & Patron Mr Abraham Loh

2016 – Golf Trip to Kunming, China

2019 – 51st Annual General Meeting Dinner

2018 – 50th Anniversary, Milestone celebration

2020 – Chinese New Year Lunch – In Aid of Society for the Aged Sick

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