National & International Competitions


Singapore Open Senior Amateur Golf Championship (SOSAC)

This is one of the most established and prestigious amateur events for senior golfers in this region. What started back in 1989 as a small completion for senior golfers aged 55 and above, is today an annual event attracting 120 top regional amateur senior golfers. The Singapore Senior Golfers’ Society takes on the responsibility of organising this event.

This competition is held on different courses each year to offer competitors a chance to test their skills and strategies. This three-day intensive event is also a test of stamina and concentration. Despite this, scores continue to get better each year; a testimony that senior golfers do get better as the years go by!

Singapore National Senior Amateur Golf Championship (SNSAC)

SNSAC will make its debut in 2012 at the challenging Orchid Country Club. Again I collaboration with SGA, SSGS has been tasked to organize this annual event. Senior golfers who are 55 years and who are Singaporean citizens or Singaporean PRs will now have an avenue to compete for the title of the best senior amateur golfer. The field is limited to 120 players.

SNSAC will also include, for the first time, a Ladies Division. Singapore ladies have done well overseas and this will be showcase for them to show their talents in Singapore.

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